Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers


The Partnership for the Assessment of Readiness for College and Career (PARCC) is a collaboration of states that share a commitment to developing new-era assessments that measure students’ readiness for college and career.  This includes readiness to master rigorous academic content at each grade level, think critically and apply knowledge to solve problems, and conduct research to develop and communicate a point of view. The PARCC states make many of their high-quality resources available to the public through this Partner Resource Center.

PARCC and non-PARCC states may license and incorporate the PARCC summative assessment content into their state testing programs through a variety of flexible licensing options. Contact us for more information at


States joined together in 2010 to develop and adopt the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) with the intent of better preparing students to graduate high school and succeed in college and career. The standards were based on extensive research and benchmarking to the national standards of high-performing nations internationally, and to the demands of first-year college courses. Research on college and career readiness has clearly confirmed that post-secondary success depends on much more than just academic content knowledge and critical thinking skills, and that a host of meta-cognitive and non-cognitive competencies are significantly predictive of whether students will persist toward graduation in college or succeed in entry-level jobs.

This broad-ranging research into college and career readiness has effectively shifted the focus and approach to education and assessment in our country, to include a broader set of competencies that all students will need for future success. Students who are able to master rigorous academic content, think critically and apply that knowledge to new problems, be conscientious and efficient in their learning, and communicate and collaborate with others are genuinely prepared for success.

Many of PARCC’s early and continuing design commitments reflect the Partnership’s ambitions to meet these high expectations for next-generation, college and career readiness assessments. PARCC’s claims and evidence statements directly reflect a commitment to measuring the 21st century cognitive competencies.

In 2016, PARCC switched to a single, end of year administration. In 2017, the PARCC Governing Board selected New Meridian Corporation as the management and content development vendor for the next phase of the PARCC assessment system.