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Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Students are given an unfair test environment when anyone posts active test questions on the internet – whether the test is PARCC, the SAT, or any other exam. Because of this, states rely on Parcc Inc., a non-profit organization, to help ensure that every student who takes a test does so on an even playing field without any unfair advantages or disadvantages, and this requires that copyrighted materials be closely guarded.

Exposing active test questions is also unfair to the many hundreds of educators who have invested thousands of hours providing input and helping to develop and review test questions, ensuring that they are of high quality, align to standards, and are grade-appropriate. In fact, the PARCC assessment has been lauded as high-quality by several independent organizations, including the National Network of the State Teachers of the Year.

Testing fairness has to be balanced with a commitment to transparency. That is why we released over 800 questions from the spring 2015 tests, which are available online for the public to review, and why we will release hundreds more questions from this spring’s tests after every student has completed them.

The statement can be attributed to Heather Reams, Director of Communications and Public Relations, at Parcc Inc.

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