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Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers

Sunday, June 26, 2016

By Mike Bushnell

With multiple recent studies highlighting the extreme costs of college remediation, both financially and as it pertains to higher-education success, Kentucky has announced that it will accept PARCC scores at Level 4 and above as sufficient proof to exempt a student at any of their public colleges or universities from having to take remedial coursework. While Kentucky is the first non-PARCC consortium state to accept the scores as proof of college readiness, last year the presidents of New Jersey's 19 community colleges said they support Common Core and PARCC, and support using scores as a measurement of post-secondary readiness.

The growing popularity of PARCC as a college-readiness measurement tool comes on the heels of two studies, one from Education Post and the other from Higher Education for Higher Standards. Both found that, across the country, more than half of all community college students require remediation, and that in just one year, families paid $1.5 billion to take remedial courses, not even factoring in another $380 million in aggregate loan debt. In addition, the studies both found that first-time students who take remedial courses at four-year colleges and universities were 74 percent likelier to drop out than those who don't need them, further spotlighting the importance of preparing all students for college, long before they actually arrive on campus.

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