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Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

By Mike Bushnell

North Elementary School in Des Plaines, Ill. took the PARCC assessments last week, and third grade teacher Lindsay Santiago used her Twitter account to share her students' successes, struggles, and pride in completing their first PARCC assessments, all in their own words. Ms. Santiago, who has taught elementary school in Illinois for 16 years, the last 14 in Des Plaines, says her students are naturally optimistic to begin with, but that she has instilled in them the importance in taking pride in their work and in these assessments.

They know they have to work and it’s hard, but it’s hard in life, and I want them to have a good attitude,” she said of her students. “I knew if I asked my kids what they thought about the tests, they would be positive because we are always positive. It’s something I really try and instill in them.”

Multiple students, quoted in the nearly two-dozen tweets posted after the assessment, praised Ms. Santiago’s work in helping them learn how to read, add and subtract. A student identified as Miguel said “The best thing my teacher taught me was how to do math and how to read.”

Ms. Santiago says the assessments have helped her strategize ways to effectively reach her students, who come from diverse backgrounds. She also added that the test results from last year provided her with a framework for teaching her third graders this year, and that the information will continue to be useful in the years ahead.

“PARCC has been really good because it’s stretched my mind with how I can teach, and it’s given us a measure of how to teach kids can grow their knowledge in a way we haven’t had before,” Ms. Santiago said. “It gives us a good framework on how we should really teach kids so that they learn and grow as much as they can.”

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