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Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers

Pioneers in Higher Education

A growing number of colleges and universities are incorporating the use of PARCC high school assessment scores into their campus placement policies—alongside traditional tools such as Accuplacer, SAT, and ACT—to allow students who attain a certain proficiency level on the assessments (e.g., Level 4 on Algebra II) to be exempt from remedial classes. These institutions are committed to the goal of offering high school students the opportunity to use their scores from the final PARCC high school math and English language arts tests to establish their readiness for entry-level, college-credit bearing courses.

By using students' performance in on PARCC in high school to measure college readiness, these institutions are providing students with clear early indicators of how they need to perform in high school to avoid remediation and enter directly into college-credit bearing courses. With this knowledge in hand, students will be empowered to take action to increase their level of college preparation prior to high school graduation and avoid costly remediation. Students who perform very well on these assessments in 10th or 11th grade may choose to take even more challenging college preparation or dual credit/dual enrollment courses during their senior year.

PARCC College Readiness Adoptees

The following Institutions and systems of higher education have signed policies that formally guide the incorporation of the PARCC assessments into their placement policies and practices:

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